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A school management software system is the best solution for managing daily school operations. It allows school to manage registration, admissions, academic calendar, attendance, and more. Entab is the provider of the best school management system which centralises tedious school processes and significantly increases effectiveness and efficiency of school administration.

There are many compelling features in this system which help decrease redundancy and repetitive work. Also referred to as school management software , it automates school operations like the admission procedure, reducing the burden on the management. Therefore, educators can concentrate on providing more quality education to their students.

Why does a school need school management software system?

We are in a technology-rich, super-connected, increasingly-digitized, and globalised world. It’s very important that the culture of your school reflects a modern outlook across different functions. Each stakeholder - parents, teachers, administrators, management, and students - will benefit from using a school management software system. It is essential to have the efficiently running school to ensure the conducive learning atmosphere for the students and appropriate teaching environment for the teachers.

Selecting the best school management software system can help to make running the school a breeze, all thanks to the multiple applications over stakeholders and functions. More than 1,500 schools are currently using Entab’s artificially intelligent CampusCare for automating their day-to-day tasks.

Learn how Entab’s school management software can help you:

  • Enables hassle-free, personalised communication between a school and parents

  • Enhances parent’s engagement

  • Streamlines administrative tasks

  • Eliminates unnecessary paperwork

  • Improves staff productivity

  • Promotes financial transparency and accountability

  • Increases the school’s goodwill

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Entab is happy to be associated with 1,500+ top schools of India. Few of the schools that are enjoying the services of our school management software include: